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At the Tianeptine Shop, we offer the highest quality tianeptine sodium and tianeptine sulfate/sulphate for sale. Buy tianeptine from the #1 trusted source online. You are lucky you found us because we are probably the world’s most reliable and trustworthy source for pure tianeptine!

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Who is Tianeptine Shop? Why Buy Tianeptine From Us?

Tianeptine Shop is your one-stop-shop for tianeptine sodium and tianeptine sulfate/sulphate. For years, we sold tianeptine sodium and sulfate on eBay. However, eBay has since now allowed tianeptine on their website. Therefore, welcome our website: You will not have to go anywhere else to purchase tianeptine! Why do you ask? Because we offer the highest quality of tianeptine! Both our tianeptine sodium and tianeptine sulfate are laboratory tested for quality and purity. You can trust knowing that your tianeptine is of the best quality. Take a look at our certificate of analysis to see for yourself the quality tianeptine products we provide. We may not have the “flashiest website”, but rest assured that we have a high quality tianeptine.

Tianeptine Shop has their tianeptine lab tested
Tianeptine Shop has their tianeptine laboratory tested.

Our tianeptine sodium and sulfate are graded as 98% purity or higher. That’s fantastic! Not every vendor of tianeptine will publish laboratory test results. If you do not see a certificate of analysis, then do not trust that brand! This means that possibly no testing was completed. How else would you know the quality of the tianeptine? Do not waste your time on these brands! It will be a waste of money and valuable time. Buy tianeptine from Tianeptine Shop instead. We will not let you down.

Certificates of Analysis for Tianeptine Shop's tianeptine sodium and tianeptine sulfate

What is Tianeptine?

Tianeptine sodium is a research chemical that was first discovered in the 1960’s by the French Society of Medical Research. The chemical structure of tianeptine sodium is C21H24ClN2NaO4S. It has a molecular weight of 458.933 g/mol and a CAS number of 30123-17-2. The IUPAC Name of tianeptine sodium is sodium;7-[(3-chloro-6-methyl-5,5-dioxo-11H-benzo[c][2,1]benzothiazepin-11-yl)amino]heptanoate. Tianeptine sodium is an extremely hygroscopic material.

Where to Buy Tianeptine Online?

Right here of course! Buy your tianeptine sodium and tianeptine sulfate from As stated, Tianeptine Shop offers the highest of quality tianeptine for sale. We have both tianeptine sodium and sulfate in the following sizes: 5g, 10g, and 25g. You won’t need to search anywhere else when you buy tianeptine from Tianeptine Shop. Take a look around and buy tianeptine today!

Tianeptine Warnings:

Our tianeptine is not intended for human consumption. It is for research purposes only. When you buy tianeptine from us, you agree to the full Terms and Conditions.

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